We at L3Web Hostintg have always strived hard to keep our customers happy and to provide a very easy experience hosting your services with us.

Be it support services or billing adjustments we have always strived hard to fullfil our customers needs at the fullest.

However, time since cPanel has forced the new cPanel licensing costs has taken the entire hosting industry by storm.

That said, they have now implemented new cPanel licensing system and a detailed pricing details can be found here. https://cpanel.net/pricing/

We are therefore forced to increase the overall costing of your VPS + cPanel license + Server management by additional $20/month (overall VPS cost).

The cost may increase as you host more domains in the near future.

The updated cost will be reflecting to your billing with immediate effect once we are notified about the costing by cPanel.net (the vendor of cPanel control panel)

If you have any queries or have concerns you can always contact us through your client area support portal and we would love to answer them all.

Friday, July 19, 2019

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